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Chiara prosi furniture, an Italian imported brand, is an important town of the Italian furniture industry in Cabiate city near Milan in northern Italy. From the end of the 18th century to the beginning of the 19th century, the first generation grandparents of prosi ran a small shop of handmade furniture at that time, mainly manufacturing bedside tables and chest of drawers; The second generation of parents engaged in the restoration and reproduction of antique furniture

at present, this generation of PROVASI is a family business composed of brothers Enrico, Paulo, Giovanni and Roberto. In the new century, when mass industrial production and high-tech production are booming in the world, PROVASI retains the ancient furniture craftsmanship, reflecting the firm choice of unremitting pursuit of art and creativity

ensure that every detail of each product has its unique artistry and creativity. Hundreds of years of Royal craft heritage, with the years gradually into the high-level rich family, and will develop PROVASI into a leading brand in the Italian classical furniture industry

provasi furniture has been a professional leader for nearly a century, and the home decorated is full of countless delicate emotions. The impressive furniture comes from the exquisite production materials, as well as the study of artistic style and traditional craftsmanship. From the beginning, we paid attention to the quality of materials, studied the characteristics of wood and fabrics in detail, and strictly required the manufacturing process. Therefore, PROVASI handmade furniture can perform the classical style so brilliantly

in fact, modern machinery cannot replace the delicacy of manual work to express respect for natural raw materials. Only with proud hand feel can we make furniture with deep soul, and PROVASI furniture is famous for its unique and superb craftsmanship. PROVASI furniture has both the elegant style of Britain and the classical splendor of the French court from the 18th to the 19th century

warm and elegant home scenes, from bedroom to bedroom, from wall panel decoration to decorative accessories, PROVASI furniture presents all touching classical temperament

because of the exquisite, calm and restrained style characteristics of Italian brand PROVASI furniture, it can be seen in important places all over the world, and has won several awards. PROVASI furniture can be seen in the offices of the current Italian chief executive, the Pope and the banking group, as well as in the five-star hotels in Europe, North America or the Far East, and the residences of important Royal political leaders. In addition, it is worth mentioning, In 1979, providen took over the task of making the dining car and club decoration of the Orient Express. The superb craftsmanship of the craftsmen made the time that used to appear in a large number of magazines and movies reappear, making passengers feel as if they were in the legendary train across the European continent in history

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