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Feng Shui taboo in balcony decoration should be paid great attention to. It is closely related to the outdoors. The balcony needs sunshine, because the balcony is the storage place of the house after all, and it plays a great role in Feng Shui of the whole family. However, a good balcony style can give people a comfortable feeling, so as to enhance all aspects of fortune. Next, Xiaobian will introduce Feng Shui taboos in balcony decoration

balcony decoration Feng Shui taboo

1. Avoid facing the door

the balcony cannot face the door. In this way, the air field flows, which makes the situation in the house at a glance, which will expose the privacy of the home. This phenomenon is “ in Feng Shui; Chuanxinsha ”, It means to lose money

2. Avoid facing the kitchen

the balcony you want is facing the kitchen. It is best to design a screen partition between the kitchen and the balcony, so that the balcony will not go directly to the kitchen, but can also be separated by curtains

3. Avoid clutter

the balcony should be kept clean and tidy, and some plants can be properly placed, which can be used to resolve the evil spirit. It can also be used to place plants, which can beautify the balcony, beautify the family, purify the air and so on

4. Avoid facing sharp corners

the balcony cannot face sharp corners, because sharp corners are an unlucky sign, so try to avoid places with sharp corners. If there is such a situation, please ask Feng Shui everyone to resolve it

5. Avoid going straight to the street

the balcony cannot go straight to the street. If the balcony goes straight to the street, this pattern will be very detrimental to the living discount. And will be disturbed by noise

bay window decoration Feng Shui taboo

1. Bay window is a large window, which directly vent the gas of the house, making people living in it easy to be restless. If the house is not gas gathering, it will not be able to keep people, and it is easy to consume money

2. The floating window has little effect on the privacy of the home. Especially when people are working inside, they will always feel that someone is watching you. A long time will also have a negative effect on their body and mind

3. The bay window is relatively large, and the incoming sunlight is relatively strong. Such dazzling sunlight will produce an uncomfortable feeling for us, which is easy to make people impulsive, not calm, easy to lose their temper, etc

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