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In addition to the external environment, who has moved the "cheese" of door and window enterprises? How should door and window enterprises deal with it

in recent years, the development of door and window industry has entered a turning point. The price of doors and windows has been rising continuously, but under the partition of raw material costs, industrial competition chaos, logistics, after-sales and other forces, the "soup" really left to enterprises is very few. During the reporter's visit to the market, most door and window enterprises said that the profit of floor products was gradually declining. So, in addition to the external environment, who moved the "cheese" of door and window enterprises? How should door and window enterprises deal with it

who moved the cheese of door and window enterprises

first of all, in terms of production cost, the cost of doors and windows is not only the money of raw materials, but also indirect production costs such as water, electricity and rent. In addition, the cost of packaging reinforcement, transportation and environmental protection certification also make the gross profit of the door and window industry smaller and smaller. Secondly, brand promotion also costs a lot of money. In the environment of consumption upgrading, consumers pay more and more attention to brand strength, which inevitably requires a lot of marketing expenses

at the same time, some door and window enterprises have limited control over the market. First, they don't have a reasonable product system. Second, they don't know to develop new markets, but they prefer to struggle in places with fierce competition. This makes it possible for them to focus on promoting conventional products for a long time, but never have a high profit product. Just ask, can such door and window enterprises make profits

how to make greater profits

in the era of extremely fast update frequency, door and window enterprises can only get greater profits by keeping up with the pace of the times, adapting to the market and transforming potential markets. In recent years, with the rise of consumers' personalized needs, there have been great changes in the design and product series of door and window products. Personalized products can undoubtedly better meet the requirements of a new generation of consumers

as an indispensable product in life, the development of doors and windows no longer only meets the "practical" level. Door and window products with a great sense of design or more advanced functions are welcomed by market consumers. Only by actively promoting personalization, integrating the characteristics of the times, accelerating product innovation, and opening up all links from production to sales, can door and window enterprises effectively seize the market with more high-end products

in the future market competition, in order not to be eliminated by the market, door and window enterprises must improve their brand strength and market competitiveness, and provide more perfect pre-sales and after-sales services on the basis of quality and quantity, so as to create more profits

"Yuemei doors and windows" brand was founded in 2004, rooted in Foshan, the famous aluminum capital. The main products of the brand mainly include aluminum alloy door series: sliding doors, hanging doors, folding doors, and swing doors; Aluminum alloy window series: sliding window, casement window, window screen integration, bridge broken window screen integration; Sunshine Room Series: simple and intelligent. The products are made of Xinhe primary aluminum and equipped with imported brand hardware accessories (hopo, siglia and Paige in Germany), which are characterized by sound insulation, heat insulation, radiation protection, low carbon, water resistance, oxidation resistance, cold resistance, wind resistance and high strength




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