Knowledge of toilet decoration

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The knowledge of toilet decoration should not be unknown

design principles

(L) toilet design should comprehensively consider the use of three functions: cleaning, bathroom and toilet

(2) the decoration design of the toilet should not affect the lighting and ventilation effect of the toilet, and the selection and setting of wires and electrical equipment should comply with the provisions of electrical safety regulations

(3) the ground should be made of waterproof, dirt resistant, non slip floor tiles, granite and other materials

(4) the walls should be made of smooth and elegant ceramic tiles, and the ceiling should be made of hanging plates such as plastic plates, glass and translucent plates, or decorated with waterproof paint

(5) hot and cold faucets shall be provided in the bathroom. Bathtubs or showers should be separated by movable partitions

(6) the floor of the toilet should be inclined to the drain

(7) the selection of sanitary ware should be coordinated with the overall layout


the lamps on the ceiling must be sealed tightly, and you can also choose hidden, low-voltage halogen lamps, which will be better than the lighting of a single ceiling fluorescent lamp, and will also create more interesting effects. If three small spotlights are installed in the middle, they can directly illuminate the dark corners, reflect the best side, and cover the ugly places

the wall lamp can also be used in the bathroom, but its bulb must be completely sealed to avoid splashing water and electric shock. In addition, the switch of the electric lamp must also be far away from the lamp itself

color application

the color selection of the "three major pieces" of sanitary ware must be consistent, and the bathroom space should be designed as a whole. Generally speaking, white sanitary ware looks beautiful and comfortable; Ivory sanitary ware, looks rich and elegant; The lake green sanitary ware looks natural and warm; Rose red sanitary wares are full of romantic and implicit colors

in any case, only by taking the three major pieces of sanitary ware as the main colors and echoing with the colors of the wall and the ground, can the whole bathroom be harmonious and comfortable

green decoration

the bathroom is a place with high humidity and temperature, which is unfavorable to the growth of plants, so we must choose shade tolerant plants, such as ferns, leafy rattan, Penglai banana, etc

white tiles are often used around the bathroom, which is more eye-catching and pleasing with thick green foliage plants. The place should avoid splashing and contamination of soap foam

floor treatment

toilet floor decoration should meet the requirements of four aspects:

1. It should have good water resistance

2. better drainage

3. good skid resistance

4. be neat and beautiful

at present, the floor of the family bathroom is mostly paved with moisture-proof floor tiles. Its operation is more convenient. First, roughen and clean the cement floor, sweep away the floating ash, and lay a layer of 1:2 cement mortar mixed with some building glue. The cement mortar should be smoothed as much as possible, and then the floor tiles can be pasted on




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