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UAV operation was included in competitive martial arts competition for the first time (Figure)

Author: Zhang Juan Bloomberg

our reporter's Photo Report: flying close to the ground and avoiding obstacles in an emergency, fire flying UAVs staged various "special effects". Such scenes were staged in the actual combat military training competition and physical fitness assessment of the provincial fire rescue teams in the summer of 2018. This year, the Jiangxi Provincial Fire Corps for the first time incorporated the fire UAV operation into the fire competition

on-site competition of fire fighting UAV operation

UAV hovering

UAV crossing

in-depth fire fighting and rescue operation test team cooperation

the spark cut by the electric saw and the spray of the water gun blend with water and fire. This is the most complex and cooperative subject in the 5-day competition - in-depth fire fighting and rescue operation. Firefighters should complete such subjects as door breaking and cutting, flue walking, stretcher rescue, water gun connection, etc. in a short time, and finally hit two target stars with a water gun

Denghaihui, director of the war training division of the Provincial Fire Corps, told us that this subject is to test the firefighters' ability to carry out fire fighting and rescue in the most real, complex and difficult environment. The project not only tests the personal ability of firefighters, but also the teamwork spirit. In the fire-fighting environment, each firefighter must keep zero mistakes to minimize casualties and increase rescue time

the fire UAV operation was included in the competitive competition for the first time

on the afternoon of that day, there were bursts of roars. It turned out that this was the field of fire UAV operation. As the first fire fighting competition, there are two assessment items for the fire fighting UAV operation. First, the UAV is used to detect the numbers on the ground. The hand must fly close to the ground as much as possible to see the numbers the size of a finger. In addition, the quality of obstacle avoidance flight of UAV has tested the control ability of the manipulator. The UAV must pass through a circle whose s shape is only 20 cm wider than the UAV in the shortest time. On the field, the drone was almost passed by by the robot operator, which amazed the on-site observers

bishaomin, chief of the information and communication section of Jingdezhen Fire detachment, told us that the use of UAVs has played an increasingly important role in emergency rescue in recent years. Because the UAV can implement complete long-time air monitoring on the ground, it can realize real-time monitoring and auxiliary rescue in areas that cannot be accessed by traditional means at a low comprehensive cost, and give full play to the role of technical prevention means in formulating emergency plans, establishing a rapid response mechanism, on-site fire archiving and evidence collection. Using UAV to integrate or flexibly carry key equipment to inspect the grain length can help rescue in various situations, create new ways for rescue, open up life-saving channels, and be accurate and efficient

it is learned from the provincial fire brigade that all the UAV pilots in the provincial fire brigade have received professional training and obtained AOPA international certification, truly achieving one person, one machine and one certificate. It provides a stable guarantee for emergency rescue in the future

transformation from simple rescue to integrated prevention, resistance and rescue

from November 5, Jiangxi provincial fire brigade held the 2018 provincial fire rescue team summer actual combat training competition and physical fitness assessment at the training base. 11 teams and 341 participants from all districts and cities in the province participated in the competition

it is reported that in addition to in-depth fire fighting and rescue operation and fire fighting UAV operation, there are also 7 martial arts competitions, such as 3000 meter running, 5000 meter running with air respirator, sit ups, and the percentage of the length of its plastic elongation to the length of the original sample is called elongation or elongation, rope climbing, etc. Each project combines actual combat needs, covering organization and command, fire fighting and rescue, search and rescue, emergency communication, combat support and other aspects. It integrates the assessment and martial arts competition, focusing on the physical quality and SMM of the participating team members. News: March 30 actual combat skills

according to the relevant person in charge of Jiangxi provincial fire brigade, according to the general idea of "functional transformation and team upgrading", the competition assessment adheres to the principle of "training what is needed in actual combat, and specializing in what is most lacking in comprehensive rescue", and adopts the form of random sampling examination, so as to effectively promote the transformation of the fire brigade from simple rescue to the "integrated" working mode of prevention, resistance and rescue

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