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On the morning of October 10, the traffic police in the city carried out an illegal investigation and punishment against the takeaway brother through Wanda Square on the fourth road. In about half an hour, seven takeout boys were checked for retrograde traffic and cycling. The Jinan traffic police will also expose the real name of the inspected takeout brother in the media while severely punishing him according to law

take out kid has a high incidence of illegal activities

"a take out electric car goes retrograde from west to East through the auxiliary road on the north side of No. 4 road, and immediately arrives at the intersection. Pay attention to investigate and deal with it." At 11:10 a.m. on the 10th, close to lunchtime, there were more takeout boys walking through Wanda Square, Jingsi Road, Shizhong District, Jinan. At this time, the policemen of the traffic police brigade in the city divided into two groups to carry out a centralized investigation and punishment against the illegal takeaway brother here

at a small intersection on the west side of the sky curtain of Wanda Square, the police of the UAV squadron of Jinan traffic police detachment quietly released the small plane, followed the police's control, and had a panoramic view of all corners of the road. On the other side of the road, the police set up a spot at the small intersection on the east side of the sky curtain. According to the intelligence from the UAV investigation, they quickly stopped the retrograde delivery boy and was fined 20 yuan

Zhang Bin, deputy squadron leader of Dawei No. 2 Road squadron of the municipal traffic police brigade, said that Wanda Plaza has a large demand for takeout because of its concentrated personnel, and it is also a place where takeout brothers are concentrated and have a high incidence of violations. I noticed that in order to save time and cost, many takeout boys usually park their cars on the side road, pick up their meals in a hurry, and then drive away in a hurry. But in fact, this is also illegal

a delivery boy immediately apologized to the traffic police and said he was willing to accept the punishment. However, the boy was stopped just ten meters ahead because he was playing illegally while riding a bicycle

in about half an hour, the traffic police in the city investigated and dealt with a total of 7 takeout boys who were investigated and dealt with for their illegal behaviors such as retrograde, illegal parking, cycling and hitting. In the previous day's investigation, the traffic police investigated and dealt with 12 illegal takeaway brothers for more than an hour

nearly 2000 illegal cases were investigated and dealt with in four months.

in recent years, with the development of the city, the takeaway industry has developed rapidly, bringing great convenience to the citizens living in the city. At the same time, in order to seize the time and ignore the traffic laws and regulations, the takeaway brother also runs the red light, goes retrograde, rides a bicycle to pick up and play. The battery share of passenger cars will be concentrated in large battery enterprises. The resulting traffic accidents are also common, and various places are also trying to standardize the management of the takeaway industry

in early June, Jinan traffic police, together with relevant departments, issued "Twelve regulations" to strengthen the management of express delivery and takeout industries, which clearly implemented the filing management system for the express industry. Meanwhile, an access system shall be established for new vehicles and personnel

the traffic management department requires the enterprise to provide the photos of all employees (one recent bareheaded photo, one wearing a helmet with an industry logo) and store them in the large database of the traffic management platform. The traffic police capture the illegal takeout and express boys through the monitoring probes set at the intersections and road sections. The captured pictures are compared with the big database to identify the identity information of the illegal personnel. After fixing the evidence, they will be punished according to law. The purpose of managing vehicles by people is achieved through portrait recognition

On June 10, it was learned from the Jinan traffic police detachment that in about four months since June, the Jinan traffic police have investigated and dealt with nearly 2000 traffic violations committed by the delivery boy

illegal top punishment will also be exposed.

Chen Wei, chief of the public relations section of the municipal traffic police brigade, introduced that for the illegal takeaway brother found, the traffic police not only punished him according to the law, but also established an information sharing mechanism with industry associations, competent departments and enterprise units to regularly sort out the electric tricycles, electric bicycles in the local express and takeaway industries, running red lights, driving in reverse Information on serious traffic violations such as occupying motorways and traffic accidents involving casualties shall be reported to the administrative departments and industry associations of the express and take away industry at the end of each month, urging enterprises to strengthen internal management and superimposed punishment, and pushing them into the industry credit management platform. The enterprise is required to implement the regulatory body and push the handling results of traffic violations by the employees of the enterprise to the traffic police every month

in order to improve the deterrence of punishment, if the delivery boy is investigated and punished for traffic violations for the first time, the party concerned shall receive traffic safety knowledge education and participate in public welfare activities of urban road traffic order; If the same deliveryman is investigated and punished for the second time, the enterprise shall force the party concerned to suspend his duty and study, and accept administrative punishment at the traffic police brigade in the jurisdiction. The traffic police will copy the handling results to the industry associations and affiliated enterprises, and push the media to expose their real names; If the same distributor is investigated and dealt with for the third time for illegal acts, the industry association and enterprise shall take the initiative to cancel the distributor's information from the vehicle management platform, take back its vehicle identification plate, and push the media to expose its real name

the traffic police in the city will expose the real names of some of the takeaway boys investigated on the 9th and 10th through the media in the near future

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express delivery brother is illegal and has a high incidence of accidents

corresponding to the high incidence of illegal express delivery vehicle accidents. Jinan traffic police data show that as of June 3 this year, 718 traffic accidents involving electric bicycles have occurred in the city, accounting for 31.37% of the total number of accidents this year; 63 people died, accounting for 22.03% of the total; 770 people were injured, and 34.03% of the total injured people were made of wood plastic materials because of their excellent cup shape; The economic loss was 1.06019 million yuan, accounting for 15.37% of the total property loss

as far as Jinan City is concerned, there have been 27 fatal accidents involving electric bicycles since this year, with 28 deaths, accounting for 43.55% of the total number of fatal accidents involving electric bicycles; The death toll accounted for 44.44% of the total death toll of electric bicycle accidents. From the time of the accident, the high incidence period of the accident coincides with the peak of takeout and express delivery

the analysis shows that the fatality rate is high at noon (lunch time), accounting for 28.6%; 25% of meals are ordered at the hour (dinner time); A) type inspection for trial production in new factory; (breakfast period) the accident rate accounts for 21.4%; The above three periods are the high incidence periods of electric bicycle fatalities in urban areas, and also the peak periods of three take out orders for lunch, dinner (Midnight snack) and breakfast. (according to Shandong business daily)

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