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UAV: the market opportunity is full of imagination

the person in charge of the exhibitors will demonstrate the operation of UAV. In recent years, UAVs are not particularly new. UAVs have been gradually used in agricultural plant protection, geographical exploration, power inspection and other fields. However, the "bottleneck" restricting the development of China's UAV industry is the phenomenon of "organic unmanned", and UAV drivers are very scarce. In this mass entrepreneurship and innovation week, we saw a company specialized in UAV driver training - Dajiang huifei Technology Co., Ltd

"there are more and more UAVs, and the phenomenon of 'black flight' has become a major hidden danger to airspace security." Qinhui, a teacher of Dajiang huifei, told that according to the regulations on the restriction and control of the current market issued by the relevant national departments, in China, if the takeoff weight is greater than 7kg, the flight height will be more than 120 meters higher than other types of plastic machine products, and the flight distance is more than 500 meters, the UAV operator must hold the UAV driver's license issued after the AOPA test before he is qualified to fly, "Before the formal execution of the flight mission, it is also necessary to report the flight mission plan to the local air traffic control department and apply for the flight airspace." Qin Hui said

I learned that the most basic UAV aerial photography requires four days of study, and the tuition fee is 2800 yuan; Study days of agricultural plant protection course, tuition 6500 yuan; The electric power inspection course lasts 15 days and the tuition fee is 14000 yuan

Qin Hui told that learning UAV can improve their coordination ability to a certain extent, and also exercise their cooperation ability and psychological endurance. At present, UAV education covers almost all science knowledge in school education. According to incomplete statistics, as of 2017, 57 colleges and universities have set up UAV application technology majors. This year, more and more colleges and universities have included the major of independent enrollment. "For the students in the senior high school entrance examination, in the environment of canceling many art bonus points, the science and technology bonus points are still retained. The Shentong Cup National UAV pattern queue open, the WRC World Youth UAV competition, the WDG UAV Grand Prix, the MWC UAV race, the China UAV open, etc. all provide a channel for students who have achieved excellent results in the competition to apply for further education." Qin Hui said

is it difficult to learn how to drive a UAV? Qin Hui talked about the two students who were quite impressed during his teaching. One was a female teacher in a primary school in Taiyuan. She was rather timid. After two days of learning, she dared to pick up the remote control for actual operation, but her actions were blunt and incoherent, and even a small accident occurred. For example, when she was a little discouraged, Qin Hui gave her a separate explanation after class and made a detailed analysis of her personal problems. Finally, the female teacher passed the flight. Another is a 67 year old aunt. She bought her own plane and went to school to sign up for classes. In the process of learning, whether in theory or practice, she has faster acceptance ability than young people. After 10 days, she can freely drive UAVs. "As long as you study carefully, you will certainly be able to learn and bring influence to the enterprise." Qin Hui said with a smile

it is learned that up to now, the total number of certified UAV drivers in China has not exceeded 10000, the UAV market is facing a huge driver gap, and UAV training institutions around the country are also frequently faced with the embarrassing situation of scarce teachers, students and no teachers. It can be seen that human resources in the UAV market are in short supply, and UAV operators and maintenance personnel with practical operation ability will show considerable competitiveness

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