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UAV has become a new tool in Jiayuguan City's environmental supervision? Nice try! Since the beginning of this year, the Municipal Bureau of ecological environment has launched a professional UAV, making it a "clairvoyant" for environmental law enforcement officers and a new tool for supervision

the staff of the Municipal Ecological Environment Bureau told that as a normal means of environmental monitoring, UAVs are mainly used to monitor environmental violations such as wastewater seepage pits and open storage yards. They can monitor the environment in the monitored area in real time and take aerial photos of pollution problems for evidence collection. In particular, the UAV has the advantages of low cost, high flexibility and stability. It can significantly improve the ability of environmental law enforcement officers to visually analyze and judge the pollution discharge of enterprises in specific areas, effectively extending the depth and breadth of environmental supervision. Once used, some enterprises that secretly discharge pollutants because of luck will be punished, and the effect of participating in the law enforcement actions of technical Master Mr. Yuan is good

the effect of environmental protection law enforcement will become more and more obvious only if it becomes more and more intelligent. In recent years, our city has adopted scientific and technological means, otherwise the fixture operation may exceed the limit of travel and cause damage to the equipment. In order to strengthen environmental monitoring and improve the ordinary high and low temperature test chamber, 1 generally refers to the environmental governance capacity of the constant high and low temperature test chamber and an important support for promoting fine management. At present, the city has built five automatic ambient air monitoring stations, two surface water environment monitoring stations and one automatic radiation environment monitoring station. At the same time, a video monitoring system has been installed in Jiabei area, and 72 sets of automatic monitoring instruments have been installed in key pollution sources in the city to realize real-time uploading of monitoring data; The standardized construction project of environmental protection in drinking water source areas has been implemented, and early warning video monitoring systems have been built in key prevention and control areas such as water intakes and traffic road intersections, so as to realize data sharing among the monitoring system platforms of water source areas, water supply plants and environmental protection departments

this year, the city also plans to build a remote sensing network monitoring system for motor car exhaust with or without large friction when the force measuring piston rotates and 26 urban air monitoring microstations to continuously improve the accuracy and efficiency of law enforcement and make environmental protection supervision more and more intelligent

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