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The UAV "God's perspective" takes you to appreciate the different flying crane 47 north latitude golden milk source

nowadays, parents have made great efforts in selecting milk powder with low threshold, but in fact, they do not know much about the environment of milk source at home and abroad. In order to make consumers more intuitively and truly understand the advantages of domestic milk sources, Feihe launched a series of activities 47 ° north latitude fresh traceability

as we all know, fresh and high-quality milk source is the basis for judging whether milk powder is of high quality. In order to make consumers realize the concept of "local good milk source = fresh milk = high-quality milk powder", Feihe dairy, together with UAV Dajiang media, went deep into Qiqihar, the golden milk source belt located at 47 ° north latitude in China, and proved to consumers that good milk source makes fresh milk powder in the form of video from the fresh perspective of aerial photography, The fresher the milk powder, the higher its nutritional quality

explore the 47 ° north latitude of China from a fresh perspective and decipher the good milk source of flying crane

the world's best pastures are concentrated in the north and South latitudes, which is also the key temperate grassland between the large-scale implementation and utilization. Because the pastures in this position are very suitable for the growth of pasture and cows, regardless of the temperature and humidity in four seasons, the composition of soil composition, water source and rainfall, etc., which is also the decisive factor for the quality of fresh milk. Qiqihar, where the milk source of flying crane is located, is located in the world recognized golden milk source belt at 47 ° north latitude

in this cooperation between Feihe and Dajiang media, in order to break through the Convention and better show the freshness and purity of China's golden milk source, the two companies recorded the experience of three plain people from different industries through the fresh perspective of aerial photography. They expressed their gratitude to Feihe for giving them this fresh experience opportunity and making them feel the freshness of life brought by good milk source and good ecology, We also hope that more people will find the beauty of this black land and the beauty of the original ecology

in the common people's impression, the pasture should look like "the sky is boundless, the wind blows the grass and sees the cattle and sheep". In the video of China's 47 ° north latitude fresh traceability jointly released by Feihe and Dajiang media, in addition to the endless silage corn and alfalfa fields, there are also the Zhalong wetland with nine bends and eighteen bends, and the Red Crowned Crane with high requirements for the ecological environment. Where the naked eye sees, people live in harmony with nature, The ecological environment protection is excellent, which makes consumers truly feel that "good milk sources around us are fresh and visible"

57 years of consistent quality, flying crane testifies to the domestic milk source with fresh exploration

the 47 ° north latitude exploration activity between flying crane and Dajiang media vividly demonstrates the purity and nature of the domestic milk source through a fresh perspective, which is no inferior to the foreign milk source. In addition, this fresh exploration also allowed consumers to witness the birth process of a can of fresh milk powder more suitable for baby's delicate intestines and stomach by photographing Feihe intelligent chemical plant and Feihe international standard operating procedures

Feihe milk powder is always committed to creating high-quality products. As early as 2001, Feihe had beautiful appearance and atmosphere. Starting from "planting a good grass", it built the first complete "agriculture, animal husbandry and workers" industrial cluster in China's infant milk powder industry on the world's golden milk source belt at 47 ° north latitude. The whole process traceability from grass planting, large-scale dairy farming to production and processing, logistics and storage, channel management and control has been completely realized. The "trinity of agriculture, animal husbandry and workers" of Feihe has formed an innovative industrial model. From successfully imitating 8090 and 2091 aluminum lithium alloys for milking to processing for 2 hours and making fresh raw milk, it is more suitable for the constitution of Chinese babies

over the past 57 years, Feihe dairy has devoted itself to deeply cultivating infant formula milk powder and creating milk powder more suitable for Chinese babies' physique. From "made in China" to "made in China", Feihe has made great efforts for the development of Chinese milk enterprises. At the same time of rapid development, Feihe dairy always keeps in mind the society to be shouldered by the enterprise, always keeps in mind the original intention of the enterprise, pays attention to the current situation of domestic mother and infant groups, strives to popularize infant feeding and maintenance knowledge, constantly innovates and develops production technology, produces fresh milk powder that is more suitable for Chinese physique and more easily absorbed by the baby's delicate intestines, and works with mothers to protect the healthy growth of Chinese babies

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