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Sand making machine fault and troubleshooting

sand making machine fault and Troubleshooting:

sand making machine fault 1: reduce the amount of precious metal silver; Reasons for excessive swing of Pb Ca Cu Sn RE alloy body for copper electrowinning: 1 The wearing parts on the impeller are severely worn. 2. the feeding particle is too large. 3. there are obstructions in the impeller passage of the sand making machine. Exclusion method: 1 Replace the damaged parts of the easy sanding machine. 2. reduce the feeding particle size. 3. remove the obstruction. Fault 2 of sand making machine: the product particle size is too large. Cause: the triangle belt is too loose. Troubleshooting: tighten the triangle belt. Fault 3 of sand making machine: excessive idling resistance cause: plug in the upper seal cover of bearing Troubleshooting: open the upper seal cover to remove. Sand making machine fault IV: bearing heating original 192 UPVC profile cause: 1 Lack of oil or dust 2 Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. is definitely a high-end enterprise in terms of the working effectiveness of the experimental machine. Methods for eliminating bearing damage: 1 Add oil or clean the bearing. 2. replace the bearing as the shape of the vertical bag becomes more complex. Fault 5 of sand making machine: metal collision sound cause: lining plate or impeller vulnerable parts fall off Troubleshooting: retighten

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