The hottest UAV flight challenge held in Haikou

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The UAV flight challenge was held in Haikou. On January 26 (GaN Yanhong and wuyuqian), the 2019 Haikou UAV flight challenge "flying over green waters and mountains and meeting the most beautiful wetland" was held today in Fengxiang Wetland Park, Meishe River, Haikou. The event brought wonderful and diverse flight performances to the general public of Haikou, attracting more than a thousand spectators

this event is divided into two parts: UAV task challenge and time limited aerial photography. Seven elite aerial photography teams from multiple cities and counties in our province, with a total of 37 players, are competing fiercely. There will be one first prize, one second prize and one third prize and seven excellence prizes in the competition, with a maximum bonus of 5000 yuan. The contestants with excellent flight skills will also receive the ASFC remote control flight license issued by CAAC

songzhenqin and yunanjie, President of the provincial Aerial Photography Association, said that aerial photography is very popular nowadays. Maybe everyone can buy an airplane to fly by themselves. Through the aerial model and UAV, combined with our surrounding environment, we can show the green waters and mountains of Haikou. At the same time, it is also to let more people know about the aerial model sport and aerial photography, hoping to make more people like this sport

this event is to celebrate that Haikou City won the title of the first batch of international wetland cities in the world at the plenary meeting of the 13th Conference of the parties to the Convention on wetlands. At the same time, with the help of UAV technology, aerial photography is used to record the beauty of wetland ecological environment, show the achievements of Haikou ecological restoration and convey the environmental protection concept that "green water and green mountains are golden mountains and silver mountains"

this event is hosted by Haikou Municipal Bureau of culture and sports, undertaken by Haikou Yecheng advertising media Co., Ltd. and co organized by Hainan aviation model Sports Association

"This is a very exciting opportunity

according to Xinhua news agency, although three match points were wasted, Japanese supernova Naomi Osaka showed stability beyond his age. When the opportunity reappeared, he did not miss it again. Finally, he defeated the more experienced Czech player kovitova 2:1. After winning the US Championship last year, he was" behind "in Australia for the first time, and will rise to the first place in the world next week

21-year-old Naomi Osaka has made a history - after winning two Grand Slam titles in a short period of five months, Naomi Osaka will soon ascend to the first place in the world rankings updated next Monday and become the first Asian player to win this honor

on that night, Naomi Osaka, as the No. 4 seed, played actively in the face of two time champion Wen Jiabao and 28 year old kovitova. The three sets she won were 7:6 (2), 5:7 And 6:4

the climax of the game occurred in the second set. At that time, kovitova fell behind 3-5 to enter her serve. While Naomi Osaka continued to be strong, taking a 40-0 lead in this game and winning three championship points. It seems that there is no suspense in the game. However, under the desperate situation, kovitova showed great tenacity. After saving three match points, she finally struggled to keep her hair and pulled the score to 4:5. After that, the czech girl won three games in a row in the next two months and pulled back a set 7-5

just when the scale of victory seemed to tilt, Naomi Osaka quickly adjusted her mentality, took control of the game again, and finally locked in the victory that took 2 hours and 27 minutes. At the award ceremony, she took the championship trophy from Li Na, a former Australian champion and a famous Chinese player

"thank you (kovitova). It's my honor to compete with you in the final. So we can carry out the corrosion and wear test of materials. Thank you for coming to the competition. Thank you." When Naomi Osaka gave her brief and somewhat shy acceptance speech, it reminded people that she was only a girl born in 1997

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