The hottest UAV airline launched a new heavy-duty

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UAV Airlines Launches New Heavy multi rotor UAV

UAV Airlines Launches New Heavy multi rotor UAV

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drone Aviation Holding Corp. is a manufacturer of tethered UAVs and aerosols lighter than air, The company's new watt 300 heavy tether multi rotor UAV and the upgraded military wasp aerostat platform have been launched in the special operations force industry in 2017. The conference in Tampa, Florida (Sofic)

watt electric metal material experimental machine tether UAV is a kind of electric tether UAV, which aims to provide safe and reliable air communication and long-term monitoring. Watt uses a high-strength Kevlar armored tether connected to the ground to provide uninterruptible power supply, non adjustable command and control, and the safe collection and distribution of sensor data to provide efficient coverage from a height of up to 400 feet for up to 8 hours or more. Watt supports advanced military specification communication packages and sensors, including a highly stable zoom EO/IR system, which can provide long-lasting ISR and air bonding strength in a wide range of areas. The new watt 300 heavy-duty aircraft will be directly sent to the factory for more tests and pilot production. The multi rotor UAV provides enhanced multi mission functions.

wasp (winch aerostat small platform) is a highly tactical and mobile aerostat system that can be operated by only two soldiers. It can provide day/night video and wireless communication range expansion from a fixed position or during towing. In the past four years, the wasp system owned by the U.S. Army has successfully completed thousands of hours of soldier training operations, various DOD exercises and customer operations. The Department of defense is currently using wasp as a mobile tactical air solution, which can support various ISR mission profiles involving ground assets and aviation assets through communication retransmission

The wasp and watt of

drone aviation are designed to provide semi persistent, mobile intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) for a variety of military, law enforcement and commercial security applications

this year marks the third anniversary of Sofic, which is the first annual event of the Sofic community. Based on our recent military contract awards and growing interest in tethering solutions, our phase transition functional high molecular materials and devices showed this year's attendees the outstanding full range of products of our new watt 300 heavy UAV, said Bruce Hardy, vice president of UAV aviation sales

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