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It is difficult to export without "green" commodities. Some people in the packaging industry have predicted that green packaging will become a new trend leading the world packaging. Green packaging has a strong competitiveness and appears in front of the world with a new face. High quality products can be recycled and reused once they are put on packaging that is harmless to the ecological environment and human health, without environmental pollution, and has passed the environmental protection quality certification by the authoritative department. It not only doubles the value of the packaged products, but also has the advantages of fresh keeping, easy storage and transportation, attracting customers to buy Increase the added value and other effects, so that the export of goods will be unimpeded

the theme of "environment-oriented" in the new century will inject new vitality into packaging enterprises and create good business opportunities for products to open up a broad market. If packaging goods are not "environment-oriented" or even at the expense of the environment, they will inevitably not be able to get passports to go abroad and their exports will be blocked. According to the statistics of relevant departments, due to the lack of green passport packaging, 7.4 billion US dollars of commodity exports are blocked every year. In the world, as of the beginning of this year, 8336 enterprises have received the green packaging certificate and the golden key to open the door to the international market. However, some enterprises are unable to export their goods due to the lack of green packaging, which makes every business missed; Some countries enjoy unfair treatment of first-class products, second-class packaging and third-class prices; Some are limited in the quantity and price of commodities in exporting countries, and some are difficult to pass the customs in commodity inspection and customs, resulting in failure and even huge losses to the products (commodities)

there is no green packaging phenomenon, which makes some merchants feel distressed. The production and use of green passport packaging will become an inevitable trend of economic development and a new economic hot spot in the new century. It is not difficult to see this problem from the fair of green food and green packaging in Heilongjiang Province. It was learned from the press conference of the first China Green Food Expo this year that there were 39 economic and technological cooperation (green food development) projects between Qiqihar and domestic and foreign merchants, with a total investment of 442million yuan and an agreed investment of 320million yuan. The degradable lunch box produced by Harbin Lvhuan biodegradable products development Co., Ltd. has received the international environmental protection quality certification in 2000. This alone has brought a lot of business to the enterprise, and has signed up to 200million yuan with Japan and South Korea, where more than 1million green packages have been delivered to consumers

at present, some places neglect to manage the production of packaging materials that pollute the environment at the expense of the ecological environment, and there is a situation of turning a blind eye and letting go, resulting in serious environmental pollution. In order to change this passive situation, the whole society needs to carry out comprehensive management from education, science and technology to relying on the means of administration, economy, law and public opinion, give full play to the overall comprehensive effectiveness and do a good job in rectification

therefore, it is suggested to strengthen the awareness of green packaging of government decision-making departments, formulate preferential policies to support the development of green packaging product manufacturers as soon as possible, ensure the funds required by enterprises for production and equipment introduction, set up green packaging funds and green packaging banks, and make green packaging gradually move towards the legal track; Formulate green packaging laws and regulations as soon as possible, so as to better protect the ecological environment and safeguard the interests of consumers

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