China Textile City wallpaper and wallpaper market

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As the first professional wholesale market in China, there is only one large wallpaper wall installation trade base focusing on China's export, domestic wholesale, warehousing, logistics, commercial facilities, technical exchange and academic research. The main business scope is wallpaper, wall cloth, soft cloth, decoration, carpet, tapestry

brand display: tour all year round to help enterprises build high-quality brands in the purchasing community through three-dimensional promotion and improvement of market influence in all aspects

foreign trade export: relying on commercial cities that affect the world, China Textile City actively promotes the integration of wallpaper and wall industry into the international procurement system

domestic wholesale, join: according to the advantages of market segmentation, transportation and logistics, create a 365 day exhibition in the industry, provide a professional platform for wholesale purchasing groups, and create the capital of wallpaper and wallpaper industry

tooling procurement: wallpaper and wall cloth industry co-operation between China Architectural Decoration Association, China Real Estate Association and China Hotel Industry Association. Building interior decoration companies provide professional units of engineering procurement products to create tooling Procurement Alliance





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