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Sofa is the most used furniture in the living room. With the increasing demand of people, there are different types of sofas. For example: multi-functional sofa. The style of multi-functional sofa is beautiful and has many functions. What are the brands of multi-functional sofa and how to maintain it? Come and have a look with Xiaobian

introduction to multi-functional sofa brand

1. Geek

geek multi-functional sofa can see a soft and comfortable sofa bed in just a few steps. The sofa bottom plate has strong load-bearing, and there is no worry about sitting and lying down. The geek multifunctional sofa can be retracted and placed freely, and the high-end hardware bedstead is selected, which is firm and stable, with super strong bearing capacity

2. Schneider

Schneider multifunctional sofa also has strong storage function. The perfect combination of practicality and storage function brings greater convenience to small family. The multifunctional sofa of this brand is made of Southeast Asian high-quality cotton, which has strong resilience, comfort and durability

3. Credit Suisse furniture

the multifunctional sofa of this brand is relatively large in style, which is more concise and elegant in the living room, and can also be used as a bed in the bedroom. Its main characteristics are that the fabric is thick and wear-resistant, the sofa fabric is not easy to pilling, and the sofa cushion fabric is moderate, and the elasticity is also very good

4. Lolai

lolai multi-functional sofa covers can be disassembled and cleaned freely to keep a clean and refreshing feeling at all times. The interior of the sofa is made of stainless steel brackets, and the surface is made of high-grade rubber blanket, which reflects the uniqueness of lolai multifunctional sofa

how to maintain the multi-functional sofa

1. Do not pat the multi-functional sofa when it is maintained and cleaned at ordinary times. As a result, the dust photographed will float into the air and eventually fall on the sofa, which is not conducive to cleaning. Moreover, pounding the sofa may cause the internal filler to loosen, and in serious cases, it may also cause deformation

2. Do not expose to the sun

multifunctional sofa is not suitable for exposure to the sun, because exposure to the sun will affect the color and softness of the fabric on the surface of the sofa, and will also directly lead to the discoloration and poor quality of the sofa, and ultimately affect its service life

3. You can't use the sun to sterilize

after using the multifunctional sofa for a period of time, its cushion and pillow may breed bacteria. Many people believe that exposure to the sun can sterilize, while the multi-functional sofa exposed to the sun for a long time will harden and crisp the fabric on the surface of the sofa, reduce the comfort of use, and also affect the appearance

editor's summary: the above information is about the brand of multifunctional sofa and how to maintain it. I wonder if you understand it! Multifunctional sofa is now a very practical sofa, but the price of multifunctional sofa is more expensive than ordinary sofa, so you should pay attention to the quality when buying




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