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1、 Seamless splicing. The environmental protection seamless wall cloth produced by our company is 2.7 meters high, which can meet the internal wall height of ordinary residential buildings. If the height of the wall exceeds 3.1 meters, there can be no or few splicing by making a dado below or pressing lines on the top or horizontal splicing in the middle, so as to avoid or reduce the trouble of cracking the seams of ordinary wallpaper and wall cloth, and there is no glue overflow at the same time

second, environmental protection and tasteless. The test data prove that the wall cloth and accessories of our company meet the national indoor decoration test requirements. After comparing the test data before and after the user pasted the wall cloth of our company, the measured formaldehyde, ammonia, benzene and TVOC did not increase, but decreased. It is not difficult to find that the wall cloth of our company will not bring new pollution to the room decoration

III. sound absorption and sound insulation. Busy life, you need to be quiet when you go home. The international SGS test shows that the noise reduction coefficient of the wall cloth produced by our company is 0.85, which is a wall cloth with significant sound absorption and sound insulation effects

IV. easy to take care of. The wall cloth produced by our company is on the premise that customers do not have flame retardant requirements. It has been treated with waterproof, oil proof and antifouling, which is easy to take care of. Dry dust can be removed with a feather duster; Mild dirt can be removed by scrubbing with a white wet towel; Severe dirt can be basically removed by scrubbing with a white wet towel dipped in some neutral detergent. Most of the wall cloths of our company are scrub resistant, and they will not be scratched or scratched after scrubbing the same part for many times

v. the parapet is wear-resistant. The wear resistance of wall cloth is much better than that of wallpaper. It is not a problem for ordinary long fiber fabrics to rub for dozens of times. The wall cloth of our company is made of fibers combined and interwoven. Thousands of fibers are aggregated together, and its fastness and strength are huge. Therefore, once the whole wall cloth is pasted on the wall, it will undoubtedly add a layer of soft steel wire mesh to the whole wall. The wear resistance and strong fastness of the wall cloth are self-evident for the protection of the wall

VI. anti mildew and antifouling. Most of the wall fabrics developed by our company are polyester fabrics, which are not easy to mildew and rot. The wall cloth of our company is different from ordinary wallpaper and wall cloth. Its characteristic is that there is no backing paper. Therefore, it has good air permeability and will not mildew and rot under general conditions. Antifouling. The dirt here is the stain caused by mildew. The wall cloth has the function of antifouling, so it is not easy to produce the stain caused by mildew

VII. It can be used as a flame retardant, with stable color and rich color samples. It continues to develop a variety of products with strong three-dimensional sense, bright and rich color and strong simulation to meet the increasingly personalized requirements

VIII. Widely applicable. The wall cloth of our company is widely applicable. Whether it is used in high-end hotels, restaurants, bars, KTVs, office buildings and other public places, or used in home villas, ordinary residential decoration and renovation, this product has strong vitality





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