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One room, one bathroom and one kitchen, costing less than 10000, will you be excited? Today, Xiaobian wants to share with you the wisdom of a college student. The "Snail House" made by less than 10000 yuan is small, but it also has "five internal organs". Come and watch it quickly

cost: except for the water and electricity that has not been connected, the cost is only 89000 yuan

working hours: after the completion of the design drawings, Wang Le asked the carpenter to help with the assembly, which took 8 days to complete

material: in order to be strong and firm, the columns of the wooden house are made of anticorrosive wood, and the rest are all oak boards. The frame is 2cm thick. Considering the load-bearing problem, the thickness of the partition and stairs between the first and second floors is 2.5cm

load: Wang Le has done experiments. For boys with about 130 Jin, it's no problem to stand on the second floor with four people. This wooden house is ideal for 1-2 people

Wang Le is a post-90s generation who majored in environmental art design at the school of science and technology of Ningbo University. He will graduate in June this year

recently, a small wooden house "Snail House" independently designed by Wang Le is on display in the school. Its style and concept are very good, attracting many people to come and watch

Why do you design a "Snail House"

Wang Le is from Jinhua, but he plans to work in Ningbo after graduation. Of course, there is a lot of pressure to buy a house, which has also become one of the driving forces of his design

he said that he had studied environmental art design for four years, hoping to design a beautiful and comfortable building that saves money, helps newly graduated college students and migrant workers who lack economic strength, and lets them have a happy nest while working hard

3.8 square meters of small space costs less than wanwangle's small wooden house, called "Snail House", which is characterized by saving space, especially in cities with an inch of land and money

the length, width and height of "Snail House" are 2 meters, 1.9 meters and 4.2 meters respectively, covering an area of 3.8 square meters

Wang Le said that the reason why the overall height is controlled at about 4 meters is to meet the standard of wood structure. If it is higher, it will be unstable and unsafe

except for the ground floor and floor slab, the clear height of the first floor of this small wooden house is 1.94 meters, and the clear height of the second floor is 1.86 meters. This arrangement is because people are basically standing when moving on the first floor, and most of them are sitting and lying on the second floor. These two layers of high energy meet the needs of most Chinese people

Wang Le said that if allowed, his cabin can be placed in the woods and parks of the city, or installed in tourist attractions for rent. Although he is still in the conceptual stage, he is quite confident in such an environmentally friendly and cost-effective building

"Snail House" what is it like

in terms of space design, the first floor is basically used for living, with kitchen and bathroom, and the second floor is used for rest and study, which can be used as both a bedroom and a study

there is a simple sink and faucet in the kitchen. Several grids on the sink are used to store firewood, rice, oil, salt, soy sauce and vinegar, and the bottom is the space for pots and pans. If you want to cook, you can stretch a board next to the sink, just enough to put an induction cooker

the bathroom is divided into two areas, namely the shower room and the toilet. The floor of the bathroom should be slightly lower than the outside to prevent water from flowing outside during bathing. Frosted glass is used next to the toilet to ensure daylighting, and the lower part of the stairs is transformed into a storage space

there is a fence like wooden strip on one wall of the bedroom, which can ensure that the owner has a good view. Install tempered glass outside, and pull down the curtains when sleeping. Opening the bed board is a large box for storing clothes, quilts and other things

there is a bookshelf and table on the other side of the bed. When you don't sleep, use the bed as a chair to become a study

because the house is movable, there is a reservoir design at the bottom. The power supply is to install solar panels on the roof, and then there is a battery downstairs to receive electric energy




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