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How to choose the countertops of cabinets for the decoration of new homes is a vexing problem for many owners. Rongshida will introduce you to the advantages and disadvantages of various cabinet countertops, so that you can easily choose the ideal cabinet countertop that suits you

many new owners will have this problem: "it is about to decorate their new home, but the choice of cabinet countertops has entered a dead cycle. Some countertops are not cracked, but they are easy to seep color, and some are not antifouling. Which countertops have the best antifouling and impermeable effect?"

yes, the material selection of cabinet door panels and countertops is very important for kitchen decoration. Next, Rongshida will show you the advantages and disadvantages of various cabinet countertops, so that you can easily choose the cabinet countertops that are suitable for you

① fireproof board:

fireproof means not afraid of fire, but because of its own defects, fireproof board is becoming more and more "unpopular" in the cabinet industry, and its market share has declined year after year

but because the price is the cheapest among the five common materials, you can still use it if you are very sensitive to the price

② stainless steel:

the advantages and disadvantages of stainless steel are very obvious. If you are a consumer who meets the following three conditions, it is recommended that you start with stainless steel:

1. If you look for someone who doesn't value appearance (what?) I don't care about appearance when buying cabinets, or I like this cold metal style

2. If you are a senior patient with lazy cancer, you are only responsible for eating, not cleaning, or you want the cabinet to be as easy as possible

3. If you want to buy a better countertop while being cheap

③ natural stone:

natural stone includes granite and marble with various patterns, and black and white flowers are commonly used, which looks beautiful

five pictures to understand the advantages and disadvantages of various cabinet countertops, and no longer worry about cabinet natural stone countertops

but it has a fatal injury: easy to leak! Difficult to clean! Two drops of soy sauce and one drop of vinegar, over! Eggs! Do you really mind

④ composite acrylic of artificial stone

artificial stone is the current mainstream cabinet countertop material, including composite acrylic, quartz stone and pure acrylic

among them, compound acrylic is the mainstream among the mainstream. Although quartz stone strictly belongs to artificial stone, we are used to dividing it, so we will take it out later

according to visual inspection, composite acrylic has no particularly fatal hard injuries, is resistant to all kinds of, and is rich in shape and seamless splicing, so it will become the mainstream at present

however, you should also note that the table top may still be "injured" due to collision during transportation. It is not afraid of 10000, just in case, so the table top must be checked and accepted when it is transported home

in addition, special attention should be paid to that some manufacturers will use the most low-end calcium powder artificial stone as acrylic material. In fact, it has nothing to do with acrylic semi wool. It only sells for 200 or 300 yuan per square meter. You think you've picked up a big bargain. After you buy it, you'll wait for the color to seep on the table

⑤ quartz stone

quartz stone claims to be better than composite acrylic in wear resistance, high temperature resistance and other aspects, and of course, the price is higher

a classmate raised his hand and asked, "why is the quartz table in my home not as good as the one fooled by the merchant? Why is it still leaking?"

the answer is: "quartz stone is also divided into three, six, nine, etc.. It is not recommended to buy it if it is less than 1000 yuan per square meter."

the normal practice of quartz stone is 93% quartz sand + 7% resin + a small part of metal or glass, which is formed by high temperature and high pressure

next, Rongshida will tell you how to use three simple tricks to identify the true and false quartzite:

1, white vinegar:

pay attention to white vinegar! Don't use the old vinegar of eating dumplings! White vinegar has no color

pour a spoonful of white vinegar on the table. If bubbles appear after 30 seconds, discard it decisively! If you buy it, you will be cheated! Sit and wait for the bleeding, you just! Because the regular practice of quartz stone will not have bubbles

2. Steel knife:

note: do not use keys! Too Pediatrics

after the regular quartz stone is scratched by a steel knife, only a black mark will be left. This is because the hardness of real quartz stone is more than 7 degrees, and the steel knife cannot scratch, leaving only traces of steel

3. Marking pen:

use a marking pen to draw on quartz stone, and you can buy those that can be erased

Rongshida gave full play to the huge driving force of the brand, established a diversified development strategy, and began to focus on investing in the development of high-tech projects with broad prospects, such as fashionable home building materials (integrated kitchen), new energy, new household appliances, etc. at present, it has formed a new pattern in which the main industry continues to grow steadily and the diversified industry rises rapidly. As a Chinese original brand, Rongshida will strive to create a fashionable, comfortable and colorful life for Chinese people




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