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Desk is an essential item in our office furniture. The quality of desk has a great impact on our work efficiency. For the current trend, many office furniture have many novel functions. If you can have a lift desk, you can solve a lot of troubles. The emergence of lift desk meets the different needs of many people. What are the characteristics of lift desk? Is the lift desk good after all? Let me briefly introduce the lifting desk for you

what is a lifting desk

a lifting table, which is suitable for the needs of people of different heights; Realize the liberalization of office, in line with the trend of the times

composition of lifting desk

1. Motor part: achieve the purpose of lifting

2. Table frame: mostly metal, with simple style

3. Table board: commonly used melamine board, solid wood, bamboo board, etc

the combination method is roughly divided into two steps:

1. Assemble the table frame: combine the table feet, table frame parts and motors together

2. How about the fixed table

lift desk

effectively prevent the diseases of spine and cervical spine, and control the occurrence of obesity and diabetes; Keep fit

lifting desk features

1. The lifting is free and does not hinder the busy affairs at hand

2. Easy operation and automatic height adjustment

3. Memory function storage: fixed according to its own suitable height

4. The appearance is simple and generous, which is in line with the international office trend

5. It is beneficial to physical and mental health, increases work efficiency, and enlivens the workplace atmosphere

lift desk type

hand lift desk

advantages: energy saving and safe use; Disadvantages: slow lifting and falling, limited range. Suitable for primary and secondary school students

manual lifting table

the table top is appropriately raised according to the growth of height, and the service life is only a few years

electric lift table

power saving, fast lifting speed and high cost performance

the lifting table

does not need to be installed and is directly placed on the original desk

what's the difference between an electric lift table and a lift desk

the price of an electric lift table is more expensive than a manual desk. Standing office is good for your health, and it's difficult to adhere to it at the beginning, especially in the first week

technical parameters of lifting desk

input voltage: 110V AC or 220V ac

lifting range: 60-125 cm

maximum load: 120 kgs

loading capacity 1× 20' Fcl:400units

desktop size: 160cm*80cm

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