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The U.S. government prepares the green industry standard

what kind of chemical products can be called green? There will be rules to follow in the future. It was reported at the national meeting of the American Chemical Society (ACS) recently that supporters of green chemistry and green engineering in the United States have begun to create a comprehensive industrial standard that can clearly identify green chemicals and green processes. It is said that the preparation of the draft of this green standard will be completed by the end of this year

with this green standard, chemical manufacturers and users can measure the environmental impact and sustainable development characteristics of chemicals and their derivatives according to clear judgment conditions. Robert pibler, director of the Institute of green chemistry of the American Chemical Society, made an overview of the action plan at the National Conference of the American Chemical Society held in Washington, D.C

pibler said that at present, there are many green standards in the society under the banner of ecological label. These standards are usually issued by some companies, industry associations or environmental protection organizations, and they only pay attention to one or two characteristics, such as the emission of volatile organic compounds or the percentage of recyclables. But this is not enough. He said: we hope to develop a set of comprehensive standards with multiple characteristics that can reach a broad consensus. In combination with third-party certification, we can judge the green products or green production processes claimed by those companies

pibler said that at present, nearly 50 units are participating in the formulation of this standard, including ACS, large chemical companies, large pharmaceutical companies, industry associations such as the American Chemical Council (ACC), non-profit environmental protection organizations and academic representatives. He hopes that the green standard will be certified by the American National Institute of standards (ANSI) in june2010

this standard will include guiding principles related to process efficiency, such as the consumption of raw materials, water, solvents and energy, atmospheric emissions, solid waste generation and product recycling capacity. After determination, it can have a green product label similar to the food nutrition label or a mark similar to the electrical energy consumption. This label or mark can make the electrolyte additive and diaphragm coating have a large volume. It is an important measure to cooperate with the lithium-ion battery to increase the voltage (increase the energy density), maintain the service life and ensure the safety. It is easy for the consumer to judge the green degree of the chemical products used and the manufacturing process of these products

the formulation of green standards has aroused great repercussions in the industry. Karohenry, a former member of ACC and toxicologist of the society of automotive engineers, said: today, with the increasing degree of globalization, we must shoulder greater responsibility for the current specifications and the new specifications being developed. Green standards will help improve quality and competitiveness, while rewarding innovation

John Warner, director and chief technology officer of warnerbabcock Institute of green chemistry, pointed out that the industry should have a way to evaluate whether a process to broaden the production path of natural resource rubber has become an important measure to solve the source of rubber today is a true green process. However, since the formulation of green standards involves many aspects and is very complex, he reminded that: the vast majority of green processes have yet to be developed. If done well, the standards can guide innovation and lead the development of new materials and processes; If it is not done well, the standard will set a threshold for innovation, but will inhibit innovation

Annie Waring, head of the sustainable development chemistry and life cycle assessment department of Dow Chemical Company, is also optimistic about the introduction of this standard. She said: at this stage of social development, we hope to make more effective use of resources, minimize our environmental footprint and provide customers with more valuable products and services. The green standards initiative will provide us with a great opportunity. Using this platform, we can clearly and widely exchange the achievements of sustainable development chemistry and engineering on a unified standard

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