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Green consumption has become the innovation point of glass doors and windows

the concept of environmental protection has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. However, how to do environmental protection in practice? Many industries still need to work hard to reach the end of the problem. At present, the glass doors and windows industry urgently needs to solve two major problems. First, there are still differences in the industry's understanding of transformation and upgrading and green development. Second, the R & D investment is very low, the innovation ability is not strong, and the energy conservation and emission reduction and the development momentum of emerging industries are insufficient

in this regard, the glass door and window industry has gradually defined the direction that should be focused on in the future development of green glass doors and windows. We should do a good job in the top-level design for the development of green glass doors and windows industry, release the action plan for the promotion and application of green glass doors and windows, issue the management measures for the evaluation marks of green glass doors and windows and the technical requirements for the evaluation of green glass doors and windows products, strengthen the concept of green consumption, activate the potential of green consumption, expand the demand for green glass doors and windows, and guide the construction of the green glass doors and windows characteristic Park, which will introduce the operating skills of the abrasion resistance testing machine, When the sample is broken, the green glass door and window industry will be expanded

in terms of technology research and development, in recent years, many experts and scholars in the industry have been committed to technological innovation and strive to further improve the energy-saving efficiency of products. Compared with technology R & D, it may be the key point for the industry to establish correct green development, design concept and consumption concept inside and outside the industry

from the perspective of technology research and development, building energy conservation is one of the priorities of energy conservation and emission reduction in China. Data show that China's building energy consumption accounts for about 27% of the country's total energy consumption. With the economic and social development, this proportion continues to rise. Among them, about 50% of the total building energy consumption is lost through glass doors and windows. Therefore, glass doors and windows have obviously become the weakest link in building energy conservation and the most energy-saving potential in the automotive field

difficulties in technological innovation

technological innovation is not a hard bone for the green glass door and window industry. The difficulty may also lie in establishing the correct concept of green development and green consumption and strengthening architectural design

first, architectural design units and glass door and window enterprises should strengthen interaction. With the continuous promotion of green building action, the construction field has a new main direction, which puts forward higher requirements for the design and green glass doors and windows. On the one hand, designers are required to understand the relevant requirements and work hard on materials. The design involves many fields. How to support the implementation and promotion of green glass doors and windows should become the focus of future work

second, with the building information model being applied by more and more architectural design experts to various buildings, this design method is developing. It is suggested that design experts use the concepts of energy conservation and green to create more space for buildings through design

third, from the perspective of pursuing the concept of energy conservation and environmental protection, architectural design should also pursue the creation of original ecology, and construct the beauty of the building through the use of green glass doors and windows

from this point of view, domestic glass doors and windows need to pay more attention to design innovation. The product design should focus on the concept of environmental protection, green low carbon and green ecological chain, so as to solve the problems in the industrial chain of green glass doors and windows

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