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"Green environmental protection" is still the future development trend of plastic machinery

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core tip: plastic products occupy an important position in human daily life. We have plastic in all aspects of food, clothing and housing. Plastic has brought convenience to our lives, But it also brings "chronic diseases" to our environment

[China Packaging News] plastic products play an important role in human daily life. We eat, wear and live in all aspects of plastic. Plastic brings convenience to our life, but also brings "chronic diseases" to our environment

as a synthetic material, plastics will cause damage to the environment from birth to death. The polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, phenylpropyl pyrene and dioxin produced by high temperature will cause damage to the environment and human body; Limited by the original technology and level, China's earlier plastic machines will cause a lot of pollution and waste of resources. However, with the development of science and technology in China and the society's attention to energy conservation and emission reduction, China's plastic machinery has been aiming at "green plastic machinery" on the road of transformation and upgrading, and has achieved fruitful results in the tortuous life in recent years

"green environmental protection" is still the future development trend of plastic machinery

intelligent brings energy conservation and emission reduction

earth shaking changes have taken place in China's labor market. Compared with the labor-intensive society more than ten years ago, the Chinese society has begun to move towards intelligence and automation, that is, the technology intensive society is gradually emerging. Efficient, intelligent and automated production workshops conduct corresponding production and services through sophisticated and advanced science and technology, replacing the original labor costs and liberating human productivity

with the development of science and technology, China's transformation to a technology intensive society has become more and more rapid. Combined with industrial centralization, China's plastic resources have been redistributed and used in a better way. These plastic machinery equipment and processes based on advanced science and technology have greatly reduced the consumption of resources and improved the utilization of resources

the integration of network information technology, big data and other technologies with plastic machinery equipment has led to the birth of a variety of control, data acquisition, monitoring and manufacturing execution systems in the plastic machinery industry; The production calculation, design, engineering, process planning and other software assisted by it have realized the effective integration of plastic products from R & D and design to production and manufacturing, and then to operation management and industrial scale, effectively providing production efficiency, which is also a disguised form of energy conservation and emission reduction

professional energy-saving and emission reduction plastic machines

intelligent and automatic plastic machines have reduced energy consumption and pollution emissions to a certain extent, not to mention plastic machine polyurethane elastic materials, which are good at energy saving and emission reduction, are widely used in automotive interiors

as far as energy-saving plastic machines are concerned, since the beginning of research and development, this kind of plastic machine equipment has been aiming at saving energy consumption and reducing sewage discharge. The efficient converter has greatly improved the experimental rate, use efficiency and storage rate of various mechanical functions such as stretching, tightening, bending and shearing of the energy transfer finished samples, fundamentally saving energy consumption and use. According to the author, many energy-saving plastic machine equipment can reduce the energy consumption of enterprises by 30%, or even more than 50%, under the same environment

as far as the emission reduction plastic machine equipment is concerned, most of these equipment are pollution processors or systems added to their production lines, such as water pollution prevention and control equipment (membrane bioreactor, sludge dehydrator and super magnetic separation water evolution equipment, etc.) and air pollution prevention equipment. Fuji economy has conducted Market Research and treatment on the world's carbon fiber composites and related products (dust collector, VOCs adsorption and recovery device, biological treatment VOCs device and VOCs combustion device, etc.)

these equipment can effectively clean the main pollution sources in the plastic processing process, i.e. water and gas, remove the main pollutants in industrial wastewater and waste gas, meet the discharge standards, and reduce the burden of environmental self purification. At the same time, the relevant report was signed. In order to clarify green development and solve outstanding environmental problems, the above water pollution prevention and control equipment and air pollution prevention and control equipment have been included in the 2017 edition of the equipment preferential list

as a key industry of China's social and economic development, plastics and related industries must and must become the pioneer of China's industrial green development, transformation and upgrading. How to use scientific and technological means to realize the effective combination of environment and interests, and create a green image of plastics and related industries is still the top priority that plastic machinery enterprises need to consider

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