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Huzhou printing and packaging industry: a green development road of "three wastes" and self-improvement

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core tips: to develop green and slow cooling is to reduce the internal stress volatile organic compounds (VOCs) pollution emissions of products, which is the need for the development of China's printing industry, It is also an opportunity for Indian enterprises to develop and innovate. In response to the pressure of environmental protection and the implementation of green printing, the printing and packaging industry in Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province is exploring a green development road of "three wastes" and self-improvement

[China Packaging News] the development of green environmental protection and the control of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) pollution emissions are the needs of China's printing industry for the market strategy of cathode materials, and also the opportunities for the development and innovation of printing enterprises. In response to the pressure of environmental protection and the implementation of green printing, the printing and packaging industry in Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province is exploring a green development road of "three wastes" and self-improvement

since 2016, four enterprises in Huzhou have successively completed the treatment of "three wastes" and obtained the environmental label certification. Other small-scale printing enterprises have rectified the discharge of solid waste, waste gas and waste water in accordance with the relevant requirements of environmental protection, and implemented the "three wastes" treatment compliance plan

In recent years, the printing and packaging industry in Huzhou has developed rapidly with the economic growth, and the number of enterprises has increased from dozens to more than 300. According to incomplete statistics of 22 printing enterprises conducted by Huzhou printing industry association, the output value of packaging and printing in 2016 exceeded 1.5 billion yuan

Huzhou's printing and packaging enterprises are mainly distributed in Deqing, Anji and Changxing counties and Nanxun and Wuxing districts. Due to long-term free development, they have a certain impact on the regional environment. Many printing and packaging enterprises use a large number of color inks and organic solvents in the production process. The solvents used in the inks contain low boiling point volatile organic compounds such as toluene, xylene, butanone, n-butyl, acetic acid, ethyl ester, etc. some enterprises collect plate washing sewage, plate wiping sewage, ink cleaning sewage, blanket cleaning sewage and all other solvent cleaning sewage together. If they do not do thorough treatment, the impact on the environment is difficult to be ignored, A large number of metal ions, inks and alkaline substances contained in wastewater are difficult to be digested and absorbed by the environment

in view of this situation, Huzhou printing industry association cooperates with relevant departments to carry out "three wastes" treatment in the whole city in order to do a good job in pollution prevention and control of the printing and packaging industry, relieve environmental pressure, eliminate potential environmental safety hazards, standardize the orderly development of the printing and packaging industry, promote the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure, and ensure the coordinated and sustainable development of economy, society and environment

give full play to the demonstration effect of green printing enterprises

packaging printing enterprises engaged in intaglio printing, lithography, relief printing, flexographic printing and hole printing choose appropriate schemes according to their own conditions to rectify the VOCs generated. At the same time, the waste water, solid waste and other pollutants are treated simultaneously to achieve the discharge standard

Huzhou xintianwai green bag printing Co., Ltd. is an enterprise mainly engaged in cigarette bag printing. Last year, the output value reached 235million yuan. From January to September this year, the output value reached 170million yuan, an increase of 19% over the same period last year. The enterprise pays attention to the treatment of "three wastes", and has completed the formalities of enterprise discharge license, environmental protection reply and environmental acceptance report. In 2016, it obtained the environmental label certification. Zhejiang Weibo Printing Co., Ltd. is a leading printing enterprise in Deqing County. Due to the implementation of "three wastes" treatment, it has become the benchmark of Huzhou packaging and printing industry. In the first half of 2016, Huzhou Printing Industry Association organized the enterprise heads of the governing units to learn from the enterprise. At the end of September this year, Zhejiang Shenzhen stopped exerting the "three wastes" treatment of enterprises such as lianlihui packaging and Printing Co., Ltd. and Huzhou Xintiandi Printing Co., Ltd., which were certified to meet the standards and embarked on the road of green development

on September 22, Huzhou Printing Industry Association held the sixth session of the Seventh Council of the city in Taihu villa, Huzhou. Zhejiang environmental protection experts were specially invited to give lectures. In line with Jiangsu Wuxi Aokang Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. and Wuxi Tiande Printing Technology Co., Ltd., Huzhou printing industry association specially completed the VOCs capture and terminal treatment projects of printing workshops for Huzhou printing enterprises, and built a water spray and microwave photocatalyst catalytic oxidation waste gas treatment system

at present, nearly 100 printing enterprises in Huzhou have signed agreements with local enterprises with solid waste recycling qualifications to carry out harmless recycling and treatment of solid waste. At the same time, they have issued effective waste gas and wastewater treatment schemes. A green printing road is taking shape in Huzhou

(author niuxiaohui, vice president of Huzhou printing industry association, Zhejiang Province)

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