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Green Express is not easy to get around, and the recovery rate is less than 20%

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core tip: Although all parties in the market have taken action, "Green Express" still has a long way to go. Some experts estimate that the overall recovery rate of express packaging in China is less than 20%

[China Packaging News] how to promote "green packaging" in the express industry, so that it can be reduced and recycled, has become a "key small thing" of urban ecological civilization

after receiving an express, tear off the tape, open the carton, and throw away the stuffing inside... This operation must be very familiar to many people. But behind this small thing we are used to, there is a huge amount of express packaging garbage that is difficult to solve at present. In 2018, China's express business volume exceeded 50billion pieces, and the resulting packaging waste has become one of the largest increments of domestic waste

how to promote "green packaging" in the express delivery industry, so that it can be reduced and recycled, has become the "key little thing" of urban ecological civilization

current situation: the reduction of express packaging is in progress

in a rookie post station of Shanghai University of Finance and economics, in addition to five groups of intelligent express cabinets, three green recycling desks are placed. After receiving the express, students can choose to unpack on site and throw the packaging box, packaging bag and plastic filler into the recycling box. Students who come to the site to send mail can reuse these packaging materials

according to ge Junguo, the person in charge of the station, the average daily package volume of this post station is about 3000 pieces. By setting up the recycling system, the secondary utilization rate of the site packaging has reached about 40%. Cainiaolo said that at present, it has been explained in 200 cities nationwide that the shear capacity of cast iron materials under pressure is less than the compressive capacity. About 50 green recycling boxes have been set up in the existing experimental machine parts design manual, providing a good support for the recycling of express packaging

the rookie post station is just a microcosm. The "green" of the express logistics industry is spread throughout the processes of packaging, distribution and recycling. Taking the electronic face list on express packages as an example, Yang Jun, Deputy Secretary General of the China Express Association, said: "the original four page handwritten express list has become the current two page electronic list. The area and quantity of the list have been reduced, and the paper consumption has been reduced by at least 40% compared with the original. At present, the popularity of the electronic face list with micro printers, large deformation extensometer and other relevant auxiliary accessories in the domestic express industry has exceeded 90%."

behind the "greening" of the express logistics industry is the "siege" of express packaging garbage. In 2018, China's express business volume exceeded 50billion pieces, a year-on-year increase of 26.6%. It is expected that the express business volume will exceed 60billion pieces in 2019. Accordingly, excessive packaging and a large amount of express packaging garbage came one after another. According to the data released by the State Post Office, among China's megacities, the proportion of express packaging waste in domestic waste has been increasing. The former has accounted for 93% of the latter, and some large cities have accounted for 85-90%

it is gratifying that with the efforts of all parties in the market, the "green action" of the express industry has become a common practice: China Post has implemented the "slimming plan" of the tape, which reduces the width of the tape without affecting the packaging effect of the express. Suning and other e-commerce platforms promote the recycling of cold chain incubators in the field of fresh food, sign for receipt on site and recycle in real time. Many express companies have reduced the amount of packaging fillers and used large particle gas fillers to replace small particle fillers...

challenge: the overall recovery rate is less than 20%

although all parties in the market have taken action, "Green Express" still has a long way to go. Some experts estimate that the overall recovery rate of express packaging in China is less than 20%. According to the interview, there are still the following difficulties in implementing "green packaging":

1. It is troublesome. Since last year, some e-commerce platforms have provided users with "green packaging" options in terms of distribution methods. However, the delivery method of using recyclable packaging boxes and immediate recycling is not popular with packaging and distribution personnel. According to insiders, on the one hand, "personalized" green packaging will increase the time of packaging personnel and affect the distribution efficiency; On the other hand, it will take longer to unpack and pick up the goods because of the immediate recycling. However, the salaries of the delivery personnel and packing personnel are linked to the single quantity, so they lack the "green" power

Miss Ren, a Beijing citizen, has experienced such a situation. At the beginning of this year, Ms. Ren purchased some fresh products on a fresh e-commerce platform. Considering that she was at home on weekends and did not need one-time packaging, she chose "environmental protection incubators that need to be recycled on the spot". As a result, the disposable foam boxes were still delivered to the door the next day. She suspected that the green packaging of some e-commerce companies was just "cosmetic"

2. The price is expensive. Niu Zhijing, head of rookie green action, said that the market price of non adhesive tape cartons and environmentally friendly express bags is about 1.5 to 2 times that of ordinary cartons and express bags, and the price of degradable tape is 5 times that of ordinary tape. It is estimated that if all the 50billion pieces of express delivery in China adopt green packaging, the increased cost may reach the level of 10 billion

Zhuyi, President of Zhongtong express Research Institute, said that low-cost green consumables are crucial to the promotion of green packaging. "The profits of the express industry have been very thin."

3. Difficulty in resultant force. In addition to the cost problem, the difficulty of express green packaging is that it is a systematic project, which requires the joint efforts of various parties to achieve results

people from some express companies also said: "70% of the packages are packed by merchants or consumers themselves." "Express companies are just transshipment and delivery systems. We cannot restrict what kind of express packaging consumers or businesses use. The recycling of dismantled express packaging also requires the cooperation of multiple departments."

Outlook: timely launch mandatory standards

in order to promote the green and reduction of express packaging, the central and local governments have issued many policy documents

2017, the State Post Office and other 10 departments jointly issued the guidance on promoting green packaging in the express industry. In 2018, the newly revised series of national standards for express packaging products were released, and greening is an important part of them. At the beginning of 2019, the regulations of Shanghai Municipality on the administration of domestic waste made it clear that "green packaging standards for the express industry in Shanghai should be formulated to promote the reduction and recycling of express packaging materials."

at present, the relevant standards of Green Express are mainly recommended rather than mandatory. This is mostly related to the low maturity of green packaging, the weak cost bearing capacity of relevant enterprises and the difficulty of management

tangyanju, Deputy Secretary General of China Renewable Resources Recycling Association, said that in view of the cost increase caused by green packaging materials and the recycling of low-value plastics in express waste, whether there is a market failure and whether there is a need for the failure of government sensors, the most important and longest problem is the intervention of experimental overload and how to intervene. It is necessary to conduct a cost analysis of the whole chain. "We hope to start relevant research as soon as possible and carry out the calculation of basic data."

some insiders said that when conditions are ripe, we can choose the opportunity to launch mandatory standards for green packaging, so as to realize the combination of community recycling, third-party enterprise recycling and e-commerce logistics enterprise recycling, and form a complete express packaging recycling system

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